Thursday, August 11, 2016

Digital Settlement Sheets Are Here for Towables!

Here at Synergy RV Transport we are committed to the success of our drivers. Which is why, we make sure to listen to all of your feedback and implement tangible changes that will make your experience of working with us better.

Many of you said that you would like for your Contractor Settlement Sheets to be automated to your email for ease of use, lack of paper and better organization for your business. I am glad to announce that effective Thursday August 11th, 2016 that request will be in full force for all truck Owner/Operators (motorized should be on this system before October 2016). What does that mean for you…..

1. Immediate notification at the time your load is settled, The second you are settled out on a load, you will receive your settlement sheet in your email, knowing exactly where every penny is.

2. You no longer need to call to verify that your pay sheet was received by Synergy. With immediate email notification you will know as soon as your money hits your Comdata card.

3. No more paper Settlement copies in your driver box. Less paperwork for you to worry about filing, losing and or keeping track of while you are out on the road making it happen

4. Easier tracking of all your pay sheets in one central location, your email. All of your settlements sheets will be automatically stored in your email box, there when you need them!

Let’s face it, you took the initiative to start your own business and follow your dream, which probably means you have a passion for what you do. But, there are a lot of aspects of running a business that nobody enjoys and that is all the paper. This is Synergy’s “first step” in helping take tasks like these away from the enjoyment of business ownership for you and make your Synergy experience a great one!

Need an email address? You can get one for free and check it with a smart phone or with the computers out in the driver lounge! You can choose whatever provider you want, but a few places you can set up a free account are: