Thursday, February 18, 2016

The New and Improved Towable Load Board!

It is finally here! The NEW and IMPROVED Towable Load Board! There are several new features that you will find helpful to you as you run.

Current active drivers can access the load board from Synergy's Driver Page at


We have several guidelines for using the online load board to help keep things fair for all drivers and keep dispatch running efficiently: 

1.  Our system tracks driver and truck expirations, if you allow something to expire in our system it will automatically bar you from access to the loads table.  If this occurs and you provide us with documentation that satisfies your expiration the load board may not be available to you until a system update that evening.  Please make sure not to give us your documentation at the last minute!

2    2. We are providing this as a tool for our drivers to choose their own destination and units.  This not only saves us time but also helps you maximize your available hours and allows you to go where you would like.  If used correctly this is a win/win for both us as a company and you as a driver.  However, this is only possible if this tool is used correctly.  There are several behaviors that we will not tolerate.

3. Once you have found a load you are interested in you will need to contact a dispatcher to be assigned to that unit, you are unable to self-dispatch on our system.  Once both you and the dispatcher have agreed on a time that the unit will be picked up we fully expect you to take this unit.  If you would happen to find a better trailer on the board after you have committed and been dispatched on one we will not be switching them.

      4. We fully expect you to pick the unit up when you have committed to picking the unit up.  We do understand at times due to weather or other circumstances you may not be able to make it in when you thought.  However, if you are consistently committing to loads and times that you are not living up to you will be permanently banned from use of the load board.  In addition, if the unit is still here after the agreed upon time, we may, without notice, dispatch that unit to another driver.

      5. You must have a valid email address on file with the company. This implies that you will receive notifications from the company from time to time. 

Logging In:

Log in at the load board by using your first initial and last name from the user name with no spaces, and the last 4 digits of your Social Security ID number as the password.

Driver Expirations:

Once you are logged in, you will have access to three pages, The Driver Expiration page, the Equipment Expiration page, and The load board itself.

The Driver Expiration page helps you track when driver specific items will be expiring. This will allow you to properly plan for these expirations so that you can avoid being locked down because of them.

Equipment Expirations:

Under the Equipment Expiration tab, you can view when truck specific items will expire. Again, you can  properly plan for these expirations so that you can avoid being locked down because of them.

Load Board:

The driver load board is now even more robust than before! Note that on the load board screen is a listing of soon-coming expirations for you. Below that is a sortable listing of all open loads. You can sort these by clicking on the column heading (in blue). Sortable columns include:

  • Shipping destination
  • Destination State
  • Commodity (5th Wheel, Travel Trailer, or other)
  • Length of Trailer
  • Priority (Hot or Not)
  • Miles
  • Rate
  • Yard Location
If you find a load you want, simply call dispatch to tell them the Serial # of the load you are interested in! As before, if you are in lock for an expiration or other reason, your access to the load board will be automatically cancelled. 

We are very excited about the new load board, and think this powerful tool will help you be a happier and more profitable driver!

If you have difficulty accessing or using the load board, please contact us.