Thursday, July 2, 2015

Logging Updates - Company Speed Limit and More

I met with our compliance company yesterday afternoon and would like to let you all know they are very eager to work with us to help us improve.  

1. They have assigned us our own tech to work on our logs.  So from now on we have one point of contact to resolve any problems that may come up.  This means that errors on the violation letters from Compliance should go down. 

2. On logs where the log show you EMPTY the company speed limit has been removed.  I need to emphasize, if you have any load information on the log at any point in the day the company speed limit is in force for the entire day!  However on days where you are returning empty and that is what you enter in the load data the company speed limit will no longer apply.  

3, We are looking into why we have so many PTI violations.  Please keep in mind that Synergy requires a Pre-trip and Post-trip Inspection every day. We will keep you posted what we find on this issue.  

One issue that we need to improve on is missing logs.  Our discussion here was simple and to the point; we know that there are problems with logs coming up missing after we ship them and we held them accountable for that.  However we also have a problem with logs coming in on time.  As usual, the vast majority of our drivers a great about getting their logs in on time but we have “some” who need to step it up and pay a little more attention to this portion of the job.  Synergy policy requires that logs be turned in with every run.  If you are not taking loads then you need to submit logs once every seven days.

As you can see, not only do we want to see improvement from our drivers, we want to see improvement from our compliance company and ourselves.  If we all work as a team, the Synergystic effect will get the job done.

Tom Gibson

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  1. Seriously thinking of coming back to Synergy after a year or so in another transport industry. Looks like you're even better now.

    Logging: I used the Big Road app which is a pleasure to use. Can I still use them and send copies via Internet as I used to.