Wednesday, June 24, 2015

Driver's Meeting Recap

Hello Everyone,

As most of you know, on June 24th we had a drivers meeting.  Andy started the meeting talking about trailers and rates.  He brought up that trailers are still moving but many of the dealers had ordered stock late last year so there is not some of the panic buying going on this year like went on last year.  He also addressed the rate cut that the manufacturers had put on us.  None of us liked it but, if we didn’t accept it,  the manufacturers would simply give the trailers to the transporters who did and there would literally be no trailers right now. 
Tom addressing the drivers at the Hernandez Event Center
Tom addressing the drivers
The bulk of the meeting was spent on Compliance.  As everyone is probably aware, we have some issues in this area and they never seem to get any better.  Tom spent about an hour and three-quarters up front going through our current scores, answering questions and explaining what will happen.  Probably the biggest question asked was about logging back.  It is true that if your truck has a GVWR under 10,000 pounds FMCSR does not require to log back.  It is also true that Synergy RV Transport is allowed to be more restrictive than FMCSR but not more lenient.  This is one of those areas that we are being more restrictive.  We will not have two classes of people at Synergy; EVERY TOWABLE DRIVER SHALL LOG BACK.  The reality is almost everybody already is and the few that aren’t will find out, very soon,  that we are serious about people following the rules. 
FMCSRs require that drivers log all commercial movement. This includes:
  • All time and miles that the driver is under load,
  • All time and miles that the driver is returning from a delivery either to his or her home or the terminal, and
  • All time spent driving from home or elsewhere to the terminal with the intent of picking up a unit or dispatching.
Although we have to conform in all areas, we have significant problems in two areas Driver Fitness and Hours of Service. In driver fitness the problems are pretty simple:
  •  not having the medical card with you, or
  • the GVWR of your trailer and truck adds up to more than 26,000 pounds if you don't have a CDL. 
The problems with hours of service are many.  I already addressed logging back to Goshen or to home.  If you call dispatch and get a load prior to leaving your home, you are required to log from home to Goshen.  The absolute biggest problems are:
  • the log not being current to the last change of duty status,
  • not having the previous seven days with you,
  • not having a supporting document for every log,
  • driving past eleven hours, fourteen hours or driving and being on duty more than eight consecutive hours without a thirty minute break off duty  (line 1) break.   
There are many more but those are the first we need to correct.

The other area where we seem to have some problems is getting drivers to send in their DOT inspections.  All DOT inspections shall be sent in within twenty-four hours or at the beginning of the next normal working day, regardless of whether you passed or not.  To be honest we will know anyway, save yourself some hassle and send them in.

I have taken over dealing with the log violations, our goal is not to create a lot discord. Actually quite the opposite; our goal  to correct training deficiencies or mis-conceptions that may exist.  Then if there are a few people who just refuse to comply we will deal with them one on one.


Tom Gibson

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  1. I'm thinking on joining the TEAM and read the driver's meeting recap. People it's not that hard to get the logs correct it's called pay attention to detail